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Caught in a pharmaceutical power struggle, Mona Cress, battling her own past demons, faces off against a rival CEO to secure her son's access to a crucial drug. Navigating the complexities of corporate greed, Mona's journey becomes a high-stakes battle between redemption, maternal love, and the harsh realities of a world driven by profit.

As filmmaker, I am driven by a deep-seated desire to shine a spotlight on the complexities and injustices of our society. In choosing to create a film centered around pharmaceutical greed, I was motivated by a sense of urgency to explore an issue that profoundly impacts countless lives yet often remains shrouded in secrecy and manipulation.

The pharmaceutical industry, with its immense power and influence, has become emblematic of unchecked capitalism and corporate greed. Through meticulous research and storytelling, I sought to peel back the layers of this multi-billion dollar industry, revealing the human stories obscured by profit margins and shareholder interests. My aim was not only to expose the inherent flaws and ethical dilemmas within the system but also to provoke thought and inspire action towards meaningful change.

At the heart of my film lies a narrative that transcends mere entertainment, delving into the moral complexities and personal sacrifices inherent in the pursuit of justice and truth. By confronting the audience with the harsh realities of pharmaceutical greed, I hope to spark conversations, challenge perceptions, and ultimately catalyze a collective push towards a more equitable and compassionate society.