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21st Night of September

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Who doesn't love a good Earth, Wind, and Fire song? My favorite is actually Boogie Wonderland, but I needed a title that reflected September so - that's that.

My primary focus in September has been editing and re-writing E.I. The re-write ideas have been flowing whenever I chat with people about where I see the story going. It's all so exciting with the potential twists and turns, and I get so excited about the production of it (believe me when I say you are going to LOVE it). However, when I sit down to actually write out the action that you all are dying to see...crickets.... So, I have decided to go beyond joining a writing group where we really do try to stay accountable. I have also decided to sign up for screenwriting classes at Film North. Wish me luck!

In the latest festival news, Happily Married After has been accepted into the Frankly Film Fest! The festival will take place from October 9th through October 16th which is just a few days away. Passes are only $10 and will give you access to all the content they have to offer. If you haven't seen HMA yet, this is your chance! If you have seen it, tell me what you enjoyed about it!

Last but not least, the world lost a giant in the form of a very smart woman, THE Notorious RBG. When you think of the impact that one person can have on the world, she is a perfect embodiment of that. And to ensure that we are all still able to have a say in our democracy go out and vote.

Vote for the candidate who is:

- Compassionate

- Empathetic

- Collaborative

- Humble

- Decent

- Respectful to women

- Aware enough to admit when he is wrong

- And of all things, not a white supremacist

Go Vote!

That is all.

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