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February Updates

The edits for It's Not You are progressing, albeit slowly. I still have high hopes to have episodes available in Spring - so if you know of any Assistant Editors who can help me through the finish line, reach out to me. In the last few months, since we ended production, we have rough cuts of about the first 4 episodes, with 1 episode that has been color graded for tests.

Once we're able to properly establish the final cuts for all episodes, we'll be able to work on color grading to keep the series looking uniform. Then there's sound, which is the last quality assurance stage of editing.

I've also been working on revising the feature film script first written in 2018. The updates have been necessary since a lot of the original script is no longer as feasible on a low-budget indie, post-COVID. The goal is to have the first couple of drafts completed by the end of March and do a pre-production review to make sure that we can comfortably go into production with plans that are still considerate of COVID restrictions. I received a $6,000 grant from the MN Arts Board to apply towards production of this film, so I'm looking to make sure I can make the most of those funds in organizing a smart production with a great story.

I've also recently joined the FilmNorth board, an organization I'm thrilled to be a part of. Like MN WIFT the organization's goal is to support filmmakers and artists locally. There is so much growth and potential in Minnesota, it'd be incredible to see how our industry grows over the next few years. This not only impacts filmmakers but would also have a positive effect on local businesses. I've heard some exciting productions will be coming to town soon, let's see what happens - it's a new chapter.

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