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January Update

In order to prevent this from being a double feature, I'm getting out the first two months of updates before it becomes a triple!

Right at the end of January, we launched the first phase of the Djini Productions app on both Apple and Android devices. Ultimately, I wanted to introduce the app to provide an easier video viewing experience for the Djini Army - we're close, but not quite where I need it to be. For example, it's possible to sign up for a monthly subscription with access to all video content on Androids. For iPhones it is not yet possible, however, viewers who are interested in subscribing can do so on the website or by sending a message through the app.

Despite working through some of these small quirks, I'm glad that it is up and running. Can't wait to see how this app grows.

All the current and future It's Not You fans listen up! We have partnered with a 3rd party app to produce posters, mugs, bags, etc for the It's Not You official poster artwork. The posters (and other merch) can be found on the INY page by hovering over the poster, et voila!

Speaking of It's Not You, you must be wondering where we're at, ESPECIALLY with Spring around the corner? Check out the next post for more updates!

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