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June Mid Year Updates

I'm very pleased with the continued success of "It's Not You". After the release of all 8 episodes, we are slowly but surely becoming fan favorites. Continue to spread the news of this amazing web series! We have also submitted the series to a few more festivals, so hopefully, in the coming weeks, we will continue to get good news with the wider audiences we are reaching.

Remember to like, subscribe, comment, and share It's Not You with your friends and family. We have just about 150 subscribers on the YouTube channel, and our next stretch goal is to make it to 200 total subscribers by the end of August.

In June, I also took the opportunity to make adjustments to the feature script, a job that feels like it's never really finished. The production is planned for October, where we will ambitiously cover 80-pages of script content over a spread of 10 days throughout the month. The story remains the same, though continuous tweaks are being made in order to give it the vigor it needs. This project will truly be an accomplishment, as it will also be the first feature film I have created.

To let you in on a little obvious secret, as much as I use the royal "we" in describing what we do here at Djini Productions, what most people don't realize is that this is truly a one-woman show. Don't get me wrong, it is fulfilling in the end, but it is also a stressful and overwhelming process, especially when you have to go at it alone. Though this is not uncommon in the independent world, where one has to gain notoriety before people start trusting you or your vision with actual budgets - and sometimes it still doesn't work out as easily for women, especially for women of color. When I meet people who are willing to collaborate with me, even though I don't have much to offer them, the fact that they believe either in my work, or me - I truly cherish those people. Of course, there are people like you, who cheer me on along the way, and that is really heartfelt. It allows me to continue to push through knowing that one day I can repay my debts to everyone who has given to me so trustingly.

So thank you for being in my corner, and for just being there and always ready to support me.

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