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March Updates

March is now a bittersweet month for me. Some important milestones happened in March. On a personal note, it has been one year since my father passed away, and 10 days later I celebrated my birthday.

On a more optimistic note, while editing on "It's Not You" was underway, I was able to wrap up my first feature film script and even had a small window to start setting the building blocks for production. I'm still looking for inspiration on what the actual title of the feature film will be, but in terms of story - here is the work in progress logline:

After a neurological disease devastates the child population, a physician must double-cross a pharmaceutical company, in order to save her son.

Over the next month, I'll be casting for multiple roles. If you're interested, shoot me an email and I'll reach out when casting begins. This will be non-union, stipend, on a micro-budget.


Character Bio

Dr. Mona Cress

African-American woman; late 30s-40s

Mona is a recovering alcoholic, who feels the world is resting on her shoulders. She is a devout mother to her son Bryce, whose life is in the balance. She works for a company but disapproves of the company’s new direction and does everything in her power to stop them.


Woman; late 30s - 40s

Camilla is a working mother, to a son in recovery, and a nurse - during a pandemic. She’s tired, to say the least. She proves to be the occasional voice of reason.

Robert McCoy

Caucasian man; 30s

Rob is the epitome of the Pharma Bro. Profits over people, though he won’t always say it out loud. If it’s not about him, he’s not interested.

Lynn Kneeves

Caucasian woman; 40s

Lynn is a philanthropist, but don’t be fooled - she’s just as business-driven. With never a hair out of place, she easily commands every room she walks into.


Woman; 20s

Leona is a twenty-something nanny with a shy demeanor and low self-esteem. What she lacks in faith for herself, she makes up for in protecting those she loves.


Man; late 40s - 50s

The pharmacist is an overworked individual and runs an understaffed establishment. He is distrustful of people and has gotten to a point in his life where he has enough strength to punch in and punch out of work.

Woman (CPS)

Woman; 30s, 40s, 50s

The woman works for the county Children & Family Services and has been exposed to her fair share of child neglect and endangerment. Though actively engaged in her work, the hope she once had for the people she meets through her job has diminished.


African-American boy; Should be able to represent a 6-year-old

Mona's son. Non-speaking role.

For the fans who are curious about the status of the web series "It's Not You", after MOOOOOONNNNTTTTHHHHSSSSSS of hard work and editing, I've got a very pleasant surprise! The trailer for the web series will be dropping on Monday!!!!!! So keep your eyes peeled to our YouTube channel and make sure you've subscribed to receive updates. Tell your friends!

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