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Mid-Year Review

It feels like we have lived 10 lifetimes, but we are only halfway through 2020. As the year has gone on, our experiences haven't quite matched up to initial expectations. And yet, we have persisted. There have been some high-highs, and some low-lows. The fight for Black equity continues, making 2020 a pivotal year for potential policy changes - so make your vote count.

In July, I had the opportunity moderate one of the MN WIFT Monday panels - Using Your Platform for Positive Change. The guest speakers were Joetta Wright & Toussaint Morrison of the podcast Double Consciousness (available on iTunes). The conversation was important for highlighting the voices of black and under-represented artists in Minnesota, and ways we can all contribute by using our voices for good.

As festivals continue to adapt their programming for the year, we were happy to announce our official selection to the Reel Comedy Fest for Happily Married After. We thank everyone who has been a part of the project, and the continued show of support of our work. If you haven't already, join our social media pages to stay up to date on screenings, and where else we might be popping up this year.

What's next for Djini Productions? It has been a few months since I revisited the work-in-progress script for the upcoming feature film. Over the last few months it has been extremely difficult to focus on creative work, and it has been a daily internal conversation to mentally psyche my mind, and get back to that creative space. I am slowly dusting off the cobwebs from the script, and fine-tuning the story. I've been going back and forth between how much of the process I would like to document, but is this something you'd be interested in seeing? If so, what would you like to see from behind the scenes of the filmmaking process?

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