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The End of the Year

Like most people, I'm glad to put 2020 part 2 (2021) behind me and am cautiously optimistic about how 2022 will occur. My only hope is that it does not repeat the tragedy of the last two years and that we are able to get to a version of normalcy with as little trauma as possible.

Speaking of optimism, I am very pleased and excited to announce the official poster for the web series "It's Not You". We worked with the talented Jaime Willems, who created such a sweet and vibrant poster that embodies a fun, and yet significant topic of adult friendships.

This is the year folks! This is the year we release the web series on our YouTube channel, so if you are not subscribed yet and want to be notified when each episode is released, get over there and do it now!

If you like this poster as much as I do, you can head over to the web series page, click on the poster and get you a copy! I know I will (I mean, I do it for ALL my projects).

Let's hear what you think about the poster!

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