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I felt like I had been holding my breath until January 20th rolled around. So many livelihoods depend on the people who are in power. Luckily democracy held up, and we got to witness a historic moment where a Black, South-Asian woman was sworn in as Vice President of these United States. And for a brief moment, just like when the elections were called, I sighed the biggest sigh of relief.

Then it has been back to business. I was invited to the Screenwriters Workshop Annual Meeting as a panelist to discuss screenwriting at various career stages. Other panelists included Andy Froemke, and my friend and collaborator Aleshia Mueller.

The Twin Cities Film Festival hosted the MN Short Film Showcase, where Happily Married After was featured amongst other great MN-made shorts. Within a week, the Denton Black Film Festival kicked off its annual festivities where HMA was an official selection.

Finally, you may have noticed the site looks a little different? Early in the year, we worked towards updating the website and logo. Take a look, and let us know what you think.

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