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It's Not You...Coming Soon

Unless you've been living under a rock (or not checking our social media channels), you might have heard by now that the trailer for It's Not You is finally out! Check her out here:

Exciting right?!

Well, there's even more good news on that front. Every Sunday at 7 pm CT, starting May 15th we will be releasing 2 episodes live! We have a total of 8 episodes in Season 1, and they all run between 3 - 5 minutes long, so it's a nice small bite of entertainment to add to your Sunday programming. So you get to watch along with us and comment on your favorite parts (which will be all of them). We also plan to do live cast and crew interviews following each release, so you'll get the opportunity to talk to the people you see on screen.

In order to get "front-row seats" to all the live-action, make sure you subscribe to the Djini Productions YouTube channel so that you get notifications when we go live. We're currently at 58 subscribers (in just, like, a week) which is super amazing! Now if we make it to 100 subscribers we get to personalize our YouTube URL (right?) to match the rest of our branding - so subscribe, and get your friends to subscribe, and get your family to subscribe so that we can meet our goal and get more friends and followers along the way. Trust me, this web series is not one you want to keep to yourself.

Can you help us meet our goal?

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