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September Updates

September was wild, but exciting. There were two major events that made the highlights.

The first being, we wrapped on the filming of "It's Not You" after 4 days of production, with 4 crew members. It's amazing how much we were able to accomplish from 40 pages worth of scripts, that will eventually turn into 8 amazing and hilarious episodes - coming soon this Spring. With every indie production, there are always scenarios that present themselves where we would have to pivot, whether it was losing crew members last-minute due to positive COVID tests, actors' schedules changing which ended up throwing all the pre-production plans out the window, losing locations due to weather was never a dull moment. But beyond that excitement, we were able to create something beautiful, that I can't wait to share with all of you.

At the end of September, I got the opportunity to attend the Catalyst Festival, where I got the opportunity to pitch my African TV Drama series, "The Kano Chronicles". As an African woman, it is important to me to tell African stories and the women that have contributed to that rich history. Although I did not win any awards, just the enthusiasm with which my pitch was met, as well as the number of people who have shown their excitement for the story, gives me more energy to keep pushing for that story.

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