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Some cool things in the works

Over the past month, I've been developing an app for Djini Productions where people will be able to easily stream our site content right on their mobile devices! It wasn't something I had seriously considered before, but after talking to one of my cousins who is really into film, I decided to put some effort into it. There are a few technical glitches we are working out, but all things considered, the app will be launched in 2022 just in time for you to be able to stream It's Not You from the comfort of your palm computer.

Picture of mobile phones with Djini Productions App in it

This app will also give our loyal fanbase ways to continue to support and appreciate our content. There will be access to all paid content through an annual subscription of $6 per year.

Send me a note if you're excited about the app concept!

Last month we also started working with a local artist (more to come) to help create the official poster for "It's Not You". The concepts we've seen so far make it hard to pick just one, and my brain is already trying to process different ways in which I could incorporate the other concepts.

There are a few more rounds of design revisions needed before we can reveal the final cover art, but I can't wait to share it with you all. If you're intrigued with where this is going, stick around.

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