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January Updates: The Art of Storytelling

Earlier in the year, I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days at the Disneyland Resort in California. Besides being a Disney fan fulfilling a life-long goal, that park was in every bit a magical experience. One thing that really struck me was the amount of attention to detail that went into the creation and running of the park. Visiting Disneyland really put things into perspective for me when it comes to story telling, and story development. For all creatives, and in my scenario as a filmmaker, we should always be mindful that we aren't just telling the main story narratives from beginning to end, but we are creating worlds where viewers can get lost in, and bring life to individuals who are inexistent.

George Lucas is the prime example of this type of storyteller. Not only did he develop intricate backgrounds for his characters, but he also created written languages that connected characters in the Star Wars galaxies with audiences. Whether characters were major or minor, their internal motivations and the way each interacts with its environment are the direct result of detailed storytelling.

This same thought process applies when I'm developing a story about a 911 dispatcher who as a grandmother can relate to the tone of a stranger in duress, or a stay at home Mom in What Marilyn Didn't Know who sees a comfortable suburban life that she has worked hard for slipping away from her; I take time to add the detail needed to keep people connected to the characters. In doing so, it also provides the actors the amount of background they need to help them transform into said character.

In January, we also had the opportunity to show What Marilyn Didn't Know at the Denton Black Film Festival, held in Denton, TX. This was the first festival of 2020 and one of the last few festivals the short film will be a part of. We are starting to prepare for the official VOD release, so be sure to follow our social media pages to get alerted when the release is official. And speaking of releases, for a short time only 911 will be available for viewing on YouTube. Click on the following link to check out the 911 short film today.

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